Take charge of your menstrual cycle with POW!

POW! will officially launch March 8th, 2020. The aim is to create a straight forward menstrual cycle tracker that can't be evil.

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Your personal cycle

POW! adapts to your cycle, and your interest level. You decide what to track by adding your own tags as you go along.

The tags are used by POW! to predict what is normal for you at any given time in your cycle.

You can also create custom reports (coming soon) to analyze how the different tags play out throughout your cycle.

Your personal data

POW! is a privacy-first app. You keep complete control of your data.

Before storing the data locally and in the cloud it is encrypted with your private key.

Not even @raae, the woman behind the app, can unlock and read your data.

Under the hood, POW! uses the Blockstack platform.

Who is making it and why

I am @raae, an independent web developer living in Oslo, Norway.

The idea of making a more straight forward menstrual cycle tracker app has been in the back of my mind for years.

The level of detail I found in existing apps made me less inclined to use them; it also felt creepy, a little invasive.

It turned out my intuition was right.

In February 2018, the Wall Street Journal came out with a report that popular health apps, period trackers among them, were leaking data to Facebook Analytics.

After that there has been many more articles covering the level of surveilence these types of apps are doing and the implications of it.

  • BuzzFeed: It also shared “reminders” within the app to take birth control medication with Facebook.
  • The Guardian: These apps then shared user information with the company so it could keep track of how many of its employees were trying to get pregnant.

I decided it was time to make it and make it in a way that even shields me, the developer, from your cycle data.

Instead of promising you I will not be evil, I am making POW! so I can't be evil. 😺

Open beta

POW! will officially launch March 8th, 2020.

Until then, I would love for you to join the beta.

The app will change drastically and your data might possibly be lost along the way.

On the upside, you will be able to influence the direction of POW! I am all ears :D

If you are not a potential POW! user, but would like to support the work I do in this space please consider becoming a POW! Angel.

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@raae with a computer in her lap in a cozy setting. Me and my laptop

Wish me luck!

— Benedicte (@raae) of Lilly Labs