This app is in open beta.

Your personal cycle

POW! adapts to your cycle, and your level of interest. You can track as many or as few factors as you like using tags.

Tags are used by POW! to predict what is normal for you at any given time in your cycle.

You can also create custom reports (coming soon) to analyze how the different factors play out throughout your cycle.

Your personal data

POW! is a privacy-first app. You keep complete control of your data. It is never ever shared with any third parties.

Under the hood POW! uses the Blockstack platform.

All data is encrypted before being stored locally and before sending it to your personal storage hub.


Tag whatever is relevant for you, POW! adapts.


POW! lets you know what is normal for you on any given day.


Get insight into your cycle based on your own tags.

(coming soon)


Learn more about the latest menstruation research.

(coming later)


Blockstack empowers developers like me to create privacy first apps, like POW!, for you. Blockstack gives you complete control of your identity and your data.

Check out for more information. Heads up, its for the more technically inclined amongst you.

Open beta

POW! is being developed as we speak. This means everything is not up to the standard I would like yet, and some key features are still around the corner. You must also prepare yourself for sudden user interface changes.

But if you, as I, believe in a menstrual cycle tracker that lets us be in charge of our cycles, please start using POW! and hit me up on Twitter or email with your feedback and suggestions.