Take charge of your menstrual cycle with POW!

Get to know your cycle, using your own words without worrying that the data will end up in the hands of Facebook.

Take charge

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Your own words

Am I anxious, angry or sad? Am I tired, exhausted or sleepy? Did I bleed one drop, two drops, or three drops?

Do you also feel overwhelmed when trying to track your cycle? It's often so very detailed and clinical.

I have this mood I call #mollefunk. There is never an option for that. I never remember if I logged it as anxious or PMS...

Wouldn't it be nice to use words and terminology familiar to you?

POW! Solves this by letting you hashtag whatever cycle "thing" is important to you. It can be a made-up word like #mollefunk, or a more typical one like #pms.

Your personal cycle

Am I often exhausted on this day in my cycle? Was it this exact day last cycle I also wanted a divorce? When should I book those sales meetings?

Knowledge is power!

I have learned not to make any drastic changes when I am #mollefunk. I tell myself if you still feel this way in two days, let's talk.

A friend cannot sell while menstruating, but on the other hand, they are a selling machine when ovulating.

POW! does not make any guesses for you, it lets you know what you have tagged before, on the same cycle day.

You might not always be able to plan around your cycle. But knowing that feeling exhausted on cycle day 14 is expected, you can at least skip the added stress of thinking there is a reason and trying to find a solution.

Your private data

In February 2018, the Wall Street Journal came out with a report that popular health apps, period trackers among them, were leaking data to Facebook Analytics.

After that there has been many more articles covering the level of surveilence these types of apps are doing and the implications of it.

  • It [the app] also shared “reminders” within the app to take birth control medication with Facebook. (BuzzFeed)
  • These apps then shared user information with the company so it could keep track of how many of its employees were trying to get pregnant. (The Guardian)

With POW! not even I can read the data. Your data is locked down using encryption, and only you have the key to open it.

Yes, let's do this

Who is making it?

I am @raae, an independent web-developer living in Oslo, Norway.

The idea of making a more straight forward menstrual cycle tracker app has been in the back of my mind for years.

One of the things that held me back was the idea of having access to friends' menstrual data. When reports came out that not only did the developers behind these apps have access, they willingly shared the data I thought: It's time.

It was time to make it and time to make it in a way that even shields me, the developer, from your cycle data.

@raae with a computer in her lap in a cozy setting. Me and my laptop

— Benedicte (@raae) of Lilly Labs

Not convinced?

You might be looking for more info, or maybe some screenshots?

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